FSBO Information

  We will create a FREE custom web page with photo for
For-Sale-By-Owner's (FSBO's)

WHY will we do this for FREE?  What is the "catch"????

Judy Couto, Eglin Realty's Broker, has a background in Computers and Network Administration.  In 1998, she started a business called "Website Answers"  where she started creating web pages for FSBO's as a business.  

What she discovered is that most (not all!) FSBO's ended up listing with an agent after a month or two.  She decided that she wanted to help people sell their homes and that the tools available to Real Estate agents were getting the job done a lot more quickly and efficiently than she had thought.

  The reason we will create the pages for FREE is this:  If you sell your home yourself
     GREAT!  Good for you!  A lot of people do this and are highly successful.  However, if
     you don't get it sold and decide to list with a Realtor, perhaps you will consider us for
     the job. That's it!  No strings attached - just helping people and building a good reputation
     in the process.

  If you would like a FREE FSBO web page,  Call Judy @ 850.240.9618 or send her
     your home listing information and up to two photos (digital or regular printed photos) and
     we will get to work on your custom page.  You can then advertise your web page name in
     newspaper ads and on home advertising flyers.  The link will go directly to your page!

You can even choose the name of the page.  For example, if you chose "poolhome" as
     your web page name, your direct link would be:    www.eglinhomes.com/poolhome

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